Welcome, I’m Aida.

I’m the new frontier in the field of virtual assistance thought for top managers like you!

A day with AIDA

Discover how AIDA has improved Ryan King’s life.
She’s his perfect personal assistant, anticipating his needs around the clock, leveraging her digital nature to simplify all business processes while bringing to life the coolest and smartest experience ever.

Artificial Intelligence? No… Much much more.

Think about a super personal assistant made for business and tailored for anyone who desires their exclusive aid.
Consider the extreme efficiency of an intelligent ecosystem modeled to your needs and learning from your habits. Contemplate the fact that she never sleeps and can store and share endless experiences with you.

You can truly dialogue with her and when required she will be the one taking the initiative.

AIDA will be released in early 2017



What AIDA can do for you

AIDA Velvet
Aida will be launched in her first VELVET Premium version in London and she will be modeled to suit the most demanding Top Managers in the world.

She will support you daily and anticipate your needs. She’ll find the trade shows that you can’t miss, advise you on the most exclusive events that you can easily reach in less than an 1-hour flight, organise your travels and surprise you with VIP passes to the most inaccessible places in just a click.

AIDA a Porter
AIDA will be launched also in a PRET A PORTER version, six months after Velvet.

She’ll become a must-have assistant for every manager in the world. She’ll screen and answer your phone calls, book your flights, take meeting notes and assign tasks to the team, as well as, manage everybody’s time and expense reports and suggest the most relevant news for your business.

The most valuable resource ever conceived

AIDA’s self-learning mechanism uses the experience that she gains from each manager across the globe to enhance herself and develop her capabilities. This way, each manager will have an extremely efficient assistant, like having thousands of them, whenever and wherever he wants through any device or platform.

Taking care of business

Taking care of business

The business world is rapidly changing so companies need better solutions to increase productivity.
What if you could have one super assistant supporting you in a smarter way, giving you more time to focus on value-driven activities while she’ll get to know you better and start anticipating your needs?

Technology is finally ready

Technology is finally ready

This is the year of Artificial Intelligence. Google, Apple, IBM and Amazon have launched the first consumer applications onto the market.
But who will think about your business needs? AIDA! Supporting thousands of managers by using Machine Learning, speech & image recognition and natural language processing to get smarter and more productive for you.

Valuing customer experience

Valuing customer experience

Everything we do at Boostey focuses on offering a delightful service that enhances people’s life.
We’ll follow a design-led approach from ideation to launch working closely with managers from different industries,  leveraging agile development and iterative prototyping and optimizing the experience by continuously measuring the results.

AIDA is your new intelligent personal assistant.

Working across platforms and devices

You will be able to reach AIDA in every moment and across any platform. You’ll interact with her directly on your smartphone or smartwatch through a mobile app, as well as, via chat on your preferred Social Networks or browsing on her web-interface.

She’ll be connected through smart apps at your home and in your car, from your bathroom mirror to the display of your vehicle while you are on the go.

Hello, We are Boostey and Koinee!

We apply Service Design to AI
A cultural shift has raised users’ expectations for best-in-class experiences. Today, we combine the latest technologies to deliver a new layer of connected intelligence. In this new era powered by machine learning, we come to a new paradigm in design: the zero UI.
Aida at the Web Summit
Why AIDA is so different?
Not only because of her functional offerings and usability, but because of how she will actually make these Top Managers feel. She’ll offer a pleasurable service that will help them express their identities.
Discover our approach
As a starting point,we aim to design service experiences that will surprise and delight users,and then we reverse engineer the offering, the touch-points, the service and even the organization to reliably deliver the desired experience

Our team

We are a melting pot of talented professionals and digital resources that strive to find the most creative high-tech solutions


 I am a former Accenture Executive, leading different Digital Business Offerings across Europe, Africa and Latin-America. My main goals are to transform great ideas into loved experiences that create an emotional connection with customers and achieve business success for clients. Today, I am the CEO and co-founder of Boostey, a digital service design startup, based in Milan, that supports companies in bringing to life disruptive products & services.



I am a former Accenture Executive, leading the Solution design and implementation of innovative initiatives delivered to Telco-Operators across Europe, Africa and Latin America. My Cross-Functional Digital expertise has allowed me to focus on more and more pioneering projects. Today, I am co-founder and owner of Koinee, a Startup that delivers customized solutions for enterprises in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Virtual assistants.



I was born in the foothills of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano of Europe, which has greatly inspired my creativity with its constant eruptive energy.
I’ve studied at two of the most important design universities in Milan and Paris, frequently travelled abroad directing important initiatives and became creative director for some of the most important international Advertising agencies. Today, I work in Boostey, a digital consulting Lab based in Milan.


AIDA is a Service designed by Boostey and powered by Koinee’s technology.
You can find us at our offices in Milan, London and Rome.
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